Spring 2012

Published March 22, 2012 by crazycleaning

March 20, 2012

Spring starts today!

So, what does that mean? It is time to start our annual spring cleaning. Wait, that does not sound like fun at all. Who wants to be locked up in a house all day cleaning? Not me, that is for sure. In fact, I cannot remember ever doing a spring cleaning. The truth is I do not normally clean anything until I absolutely have to. That is why I decided to do a complete spring cleaning this year and get rid of a lot junk and get organized.

First things first, I looked around the house to determine which rooms were a high priority and which ones could wait a couple of days. Then I created a to do list for each room. I don’t know about you, but it helps me to be able to mark a line through every task that I complete. On the to do list I also added a supply list, this way I would not have the excuse that I did not have all of the materials needed to complete the task. It looked like a lot when I was done, but I just told myself that I only had to do one page a day!

I also visited some websites that helped to encourage me and give me ideas. I will list them once I become a little more familiar with blogging. I have even found a website that is having a 2012 Spring Cleaning Challenge. Now I have to admit, I am on the verge of being considered a hoarder. That is what scares me the most. I want to make sure that my boys do not grow up to be like me. Plus the fact that as of today, no one is allowed into my house because I am so embarrassed by it.

So anyway, tomorrow will be the first day with the first room. I will start with the master bathroom and will include before, during, and after pictures.


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