Master Bathroom

Published March 22, 2012 by crazycleaning

This morning after taking all of the kiddos off to school, I took my list and off to the store I went to purchase the items needed to complete the cleaning and organization of my master bathroom.  I forgot a couple of things, but they were not that major and I can pick them up the next time I go.  In reality I don’t know that I really need them though.  My original intention was to visit my local thrift store first to see if they had anything that would meet my needs.  However I found out today that they do not open until 10 am and it was only 8.

Now I will ask that you do not judge me while looking at the before pictures that I am posting.  Everyone who lives like I do have a million and one excuses for why we live like this, it is our choice if we will change it or not.  Please remember that I have made the choice to change it, and I am doing it by myself.  I have not hired a professional, or even asked a friend to come help me.

I decided that it would be easier for me to start with my bathtub and then move toward the bedroom.  Yes, this meant that I would be stepping over things going in and out, but my thought was that it would make me stay in the bathroom and concentrate.  After the bathtub I moved to a shelf/basket set.  It had originally been used as a night stand and was never cleaned out when it was moved into the bathroom.  Then I moved to the unspeakable task of cleaning the toilet.  Did I forget to mention that I have 2 boys?  You can imagine what that looked like.  Next was the sink area.  As you can see in the pictures, the actual sink was piled sky high.  Of course, most of this was chemicals that would be used to clean.  I then moved to the cabinets (medicine, under sink and above toilet).  I had some ideas on how to organize them and they all worked.  After all of that was finished, I cleaned the floor and washed all of my bathroom linen and rugs.

Check out the pictures of the completed master bathroom.  I am so excited!!  It took me about 3 hours to get there, but take into consideration that I had an unexpected visitor today.  I filled 2 trash bags and did 2 loads of laundry just from the bathroom.  I cannot wait to take a shower and relax tonight.  It will be great to enjoy my accomplishment!



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